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Our Resistance
Where Nightmares Become Dreams
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9th-May-2005 10:00 pm - Author Notes
Laura- Red dress
Okay, so the next bit is going to be focusing on Richard and Karl.

Once I finish this history paper tonight, I should have plenty of time to write.

And just for the record, I refuse to beg for feedback.
1st-May-2005 11:38 pm - Number Three
Laura- Red dress
And, the last up to this point, Grant's introduction (along with Neil and Brian).

Number ThreeCollapse )
1st-May-2005 11:33 pm - Number Two
Laura- Red dress
Jesse was next, co-starring Keith.

Keith really wasn't interested in being part of it, but I really did need his character for the sake of the plot. I wasn't going to put him through too much unwillingly, so he got the shaft pretty quickly.

And yes, main characters will die. If you cut us, we bleed; if you shoot us, well...

Number TwoCollapse )
1st-May-2005 11:27 pm - Number One
Laura- Red dress
After some brainstorming and such, I came up with several ideas.

I developed them into several "drabbles", which I continue (and will continue) to work on as time progresses. They aren't really advancing the plot. They're just a way for me to work out how the characters are going to act and what role in the whole thing they will have.

The first one is about, and dedicated to, Ethan. He's such a sweetie, and I doubt that I would have ever pursued writing anything without his warm encouragement.

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1st-May-2005 11:22 pm - The Nightmare and the Dream
Laura- Red dress
It all started a few months ago, with a dream...

PrologueCollapse )

That was my blog entry for this incident. A few of my esteemed friends thought that it was both creepy and cool, and suggested that I develop the idea further. So, I am.

I've always wanted to write something with my friends acting as the main characters. And this was just the opportunity that my mind needed to run away with me. I've been flooded by thoughts and ideas, so I already have roles in my mind all picked out for Richard, Grant, Jesse, Keith, Ethan, Neil, Karl, and Tristan.
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